The DC Powered Vacuum Glass Lifter ARGL-500 is suitable for lifting and transporting glass elements of up to 500kg.

The upgraded DS Glass Lifter is also available.

This device can be used to install windows and large glass sheets with the aid of a forklift, counter balance crane or overhead hoist. On-board DC power systems provide cord-free operation at the job site. Movable vacuum pads and extension arms allow the DC Powered Vacuum Glass Lifter - ARGL-500 to handle glass in nearly every size and shape.


  • Spring-loaded vacuum pads.
  • Manual rotation of 360° with 45° step.
  • Manual tilting by 90° in 15° grid.
  • Removable arm - depth minimum 150mm.
  • Integrated vacuum reservoir tank.
  • Integrated instrumentation for monitoring the vacuum and the energy supply.
  • Visual and audible warning devices.
  • Self-contained 12-volt battery power supply with high capacity
  • Extension arms allow the handling of large-sized sheets.
  • Adjustable arms.


Number of pad 4 -
Pad diameter 300 11.8"
Working load limit Vertical: 400
Horizontal: 500
Net weight 69 152
Gross weight 95 209
Packaging dimensions L.1070xW.970xH.450 42.1"x38.2"x17.5"
  • Battery information for the lifter 
Code battery M12B6 Milwaukee
Type of battery Lithium-ION
Voltage 12V
Current 6.0Ah
Quantity 1
Continuous operation time 2 hours 
Working time 6 hours 
  • Battery information for charger 
Code battery charger C12C Milwakee
Input supply voltage 100-240VAC
Output voltage 12V
Output current 3.0Ah
Quantity 1
Fully charger time 2.5 hours 
Weight 460 gram
  • Motor information
Vacuum flow rate 32.5 liters/minute
Motor 12V DC-4A

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