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Aardwolf DC Powered Vacuum Lifter ARGL-500

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Aardwolf DC Powered Vacuum Lifter for handling glass in nearly every size and shape up to 1,100 pounds

The DC Powered Vacuum Lifter ARGL-500 is suitable for lifting and transporting glass elements of up to 500kg. This device can be use to install windows and large glass sheets with the aid of a forklift, counter balance crane or overhead hoist. On-board DC power systems provide cord-free operation at the job site. Movable vacuum pads and extension arms allow the DC Powered Vacuum Lifter - ARGL-500 to handle glass in nearly every size and shape.


  • Spring-loaded vacuum pads
  • Manual rotation of 360° with 90° step
  • Manual tilting by 90° in 15° grid
  • Removable arm - depth minimum 150mm
  • Integrated vacuum reservoir tank
  • Integrated instrumentation for monitoring the vacuum and the energy supply
  • Visual and audible warning devices
  • Self-contained 12-volt battery power supply with high capacity
  • Extension arms allow the handling of large-sized sheets
  • Adjustable arms


Number of pads 4 -
Pad diameter 300 11.8
Working load limit Vertical: 400
Horizontal: 500
Net weight 68 150
Gross weight 88 194
Packaging dimension 1050x950x420 41.3x37x16.5

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