Aardwolf DC Powered Vacuum Lifter (Dual System) ARGL an Electrical Vacuum Lifter for the Lifting and Handling of Stone

The original ARGL-500 is also avialable

The DC Powered Vacuum Lifter (Dual System) ARGL-500DS is an electrical vacuum lifter with a 4-bar tilting mechanism. Integrated with a multi-angle rotation feature, the ARGL-500DS ensures flexibility when vertically rotating and tilting large glass sheets. The ARGL-500DS is equipped with two independent vacuum circuits, which support each other in the event of a system failure to ensure user safety during the working process.


  • Double redundancy with a load capacity of 500kg
  • Spring-loaded suction pads
  • 360 degree rotation with 45 degree steps
  • Four extension arms with the ability to extend and retract
  • Two independent vacuum circuits provide mutual aid in the event of a system error
  • Automatic vacuum pumping system
  • Audio and visual warning system
  • 12V power supply by a high-capacity battery


Number of pads 8 -
Pad diameter 300 11.8
Working load limit Vertical: 400
Horizontal: 500
Net weight 83 183
Gross weight 103 227
Packaging dimension 1070x980x540 42.1x38.6x21.3
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