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Alpha Spike Ruler

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Aluminum Precision Ruler w/Wooden Base

The Spike Ruler is designed for professionals who require a precision ruler that will not move on thin porcelain tiles or panels with texturized surfaces. The spike at the top grabs the edge of the worktable to secure the ruler so that the material can be cut along the ruler to ensure the straight cut. If the wooden base is removed, the precision aluminum ruler can be used for the EZ Thin Tile Cutters as well.

  • Designed As A Precision Ruler That Will Not Move On Thin Porcelain Tiles or Panels with Texturized Surfaces
  • Secures Ruler To The Material
  • Convenient and Easy To Use
  • Made of Aluminum with A Wood Base

Part No. Size Description
SPR100 3'4" (1m) Spike Ruler