With Digga's A8 range, you benefit from its 1-3/4 hex drive pilot over the square drive - giving machines with higher down pressure and higher torque greater strength.

Digga's range of auger bits are designed with the ultimate in performance, quality and cost effectiveness in mind. The A8 auger bits suit Excavators up to 15 ton for drilling in earth and rock.

The A8 auger bit is a flat tooth auger with chisel ripping teeth on inner pockets. Ideal for general earth & clay drilling. With multi facet tungsten teeth fitted, granulated and soft fracturable rock conditions can be drilled.

This auger bit has been designed with a double start single carry flight configuration. Its flight pitch is shallow for greater soil retention, and its heavy duty body allows for greater reliability in tough conditions.

Can't get your old teeth out? Digga's ingenious knock in, knock out tooth locking systems eliminate the need for cumbersome tools to remove the auger teeth.

A8 Auger Bit Specs
Drilling Conditions General
Hub 2.5" Hex
Optional Hub 3" Hex
Overall Length 60"
Pipe 3" - 6.5"
Flights (Lead) 3/8"
Flights (Carry) 3/8"
Teeth TM
Pilot PM-HX-3
Max Size 70"
Ideal Drives 9DDS-16DDS
Optimum Drilling Speeds
Earth 55-65
Clay 45-55
Shale (Fracturable Rock) 25-45
Heavy Rock N/A
Auger Features Double flight configuration. Heavy duty body for greater strength with larger machines provide for optimum drilling on mid sized machines