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Marble Polish - Maintenance Crystalizer

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Marble Polish - Maintenance Crystalizer desinged for maintining and restoring marble floors

Stone Pro Marble Polish or marble crystalization is used for marble polishing or crystalizing marble floors. Great product for marble floor restoration and floor maintenance.

Features of Marble Polish:

  • Ideal polish for marble wear, scratches, ethching and dullness
  • Apply for a long lasting scuff protection
  • Easy and fast spray on buffing application
  • Safe to use daily, weekly and monthly for mainting polish
  • Restores shines depth and reflectiveness on polished marbles

Description: Marble polish-Maintenance Crystalizer is a unique polishing liquid Containing proprietary solicofluoride that leaves a crystal reflective finish on marble surfaces. also contains color enhancing features for volume and density. The Marble Polish-Maintenance Crystalizer add protects and extends the life of the polish marble.

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