Economy Fabrication Package

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Economy Fabrication Packge - Sale on Blue Ripper Rail Saw, Stone Router, Polishing Pads, Diamond Blades

1. Blue Ripper Jr. Rail Saw

The Blue Ripper Jr.™ Rail Saw makes full plunge cuts up to 4 cm in depth. By using the rail system there is no need to use gauges, shims, or offset measurements. Your rail is your guide. With this rail system you will have accuracy and smoothness absolutely better, and faster, than by hand.

  • Makita 5477NB hypoid saw, or
    Milwaukee 6477-20 worm-drive saw, or
    Skil SHD77M worm-drive saw, or
    Bosch 1677M worm-drive saw.
  • 6 Pack of 8" Archon blades
  • 7ft and 13ft rails included
  • Inline GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)
  • Standard 3/4 inch quick disconnect water fittings with 10ft of hose!


  • Takes full plunge cuts past 4cm deep!
  • Up to 4 FPM cut speed, single pass through 2cm absolute black!
  • 4,300 motor RPM
  • Accepts up to 8" blades
  • Standard 5/8" blade Arbor
  • One-hand water disconnect
  • Easy-adjust locking height adjustment
  • Only 19.8 pounds in weight!
  • Manufactured with PRIDE in the USA!

$2762.00 regular

Blue Ripper Jr. Rail Saw


2. 6 Pack of 8" Archon Blades

This diamond blade is for Blue Ripper Junior Rail Saw from Omega Diamond.  The 8 inch diamond blade is made with an array pattern of diamonds to optimize cutting performance.  The granite blade is long lasting and easily cuts granite and other hard stones.  The blade can be used on a Blue Ripper or any other type of rail saw.  
Traditionally, fast-cutting diamond blades did not have a long life-span, and long-lasting blades did not cut fast. 
Long life and fast cutting speed were incompatible. Now, both fast cutting speed and long life exist in the same diamond blade - the Arrayed Pattern Diamond Blade.
  • Diamonds specifically pattern-arrayed in each segment
  • No more random diamond placement in blade segments
  • 30% longer blade-life than traditional blades
  • Uniform diamond exposure to the stone surface over entire segment life
  • No uneven segment deterioration or premature diamond loss
  • Smoother cut with virtually no chipping
  • Standard segment height of 10mm

$414 regular

3. Amigo M2 Stone Router

The ORIGINAL AMIGO M2 STONE ROUTER is first the light duty router machine on the market to offer ~3 horsepower with TRUE Variable Speed Control. It's TRUE 0-8500rpm range makes it perfect for polishing as well as cutting & grinding. Weighing only 35lbs & with a simple three prong power adapter, the Amigo M2 is very easy to use at any job site. The power of the ORIGINAL AMIGO M2 STONE ROUTER will allow you to profile stone up to 3 inches thick, this capability is unrivaled in the fabrication trades.

They say "Imitation is the best form of flattery", but do not be fooled by the fakes. Only the Original M2 Profile Router can provide the consistent performance the industry has come to expect from the Amigo brand of products.

Amigo M4a's revolutionary HYDROFLOAT base is extremely easy to operate. Machine glides on water with a simple touch without even touching the stone. No need to cover up the stone before use or no replacing rollers!


  • 110v
  • ~3hp/2000watt/16amps
  • 0-8500 rpm TRUE variable speed control
  • 40mm maximum stone thickness
  • 100mm maximum attachment diameter
  • 35lbs

$1880.00 regular
Amigo M2 Stone Router


4. Alpha VSP-320 Variable Speed Wet Polisher

Alpha® has replaced the VSP-120 with the newly designed VSP-320. Although the general appearance of the machines are similar, we have made a major overhaul on these models to make them durable and dependable tools. The major upgrade came in the form of the heavy-duty gear systems that includes the step-down transmission and a bevel and pinion gear to produce the variable speed range of 700 to 2,500 rpm. Thanks to the high-tech machine center, we have all parts precision-machined to reduce noise and vibration during the application. This upgrade ensures a long-lasting tool life and a comfortable application.


  • Rating.................................120 Volts
  • Amperage.................................... 7.0
  • Power............................................800 W
  • Speed (Variable).............700~2500 RPM
  • Weight.............................7.3lbs/3.3 kg
  • Spindle.........................................5/8”-11

$323.78 regular
Alpha VSP-320 Variable Speed Wet Polisher



5. Makita 9564CV 4.5 inch Grinder

5 stage variable speed control dial for matching the RPM to the work Improved 12 AMP motor design for increased output power in a more compact tool

Larger and improved carbon brush material for longer tool life. Electronic limiter stops the motor and prevents accidental motor overload and burnout. "Tool-less" wheel guard adjustment for easy clamping. Labyrinth construction seals and protects the motor and bearings from dust and debris by creating a complex set of channels.

Full manufacturer's warranty.


  • 12 Amp
  • 5 inch maximum diameter
  • 2800~10500 RPM variable
  • 4.0lb weight
  • 5/8”-11 spindle

$169.00 regular
Makita 9564CV 4.5 inch Grinder


6. Dia Plus Dry Diamond Core Bit

The Diamond tool store Supreme Black Dry Bit is manufactured in Korea and is made with the highest quality diamonds in the industry. The Diamonds are located on the inside and outside of the core bits barrel that reduces friction, which in turn results in lower heat and less drag. The reduced heat allows the bit to preform at higher RPMS without decreasing the life of the bit.

The Diamond Tool Store Supreme Black Dry Bit is ideal for Granite and engineered stone applications, and can be used on a variety of Tools including drills and Hand Grinders. With a Standard 5/8"-11 female ​thread and a plethora of adaptors available the Black Wet Bit is sure to work with almost any tool in your shop.
The Cutting Depth for the Red Dry Core bit is approximately 3 1/2 inches, and can be increased with extensions and adapters.

$50.00 regular
Dia Plus Dry Diamond Core Bit


7. Dia Plus Polishing Pads

These polishing discs, with a diamond thickness of 3.5mm, is among the very best available. This disc is specially formulated for maximun flexibility, making it the best choice for polishing curved and oval surfaces. Use them wet, with hand-held grinders- 1,500 to 4,500 RPM, with floor machines - 175 rpm.

Available in 4" only. Made in Korea


  • 4inch diameter
  • 7 pads: #50, #100, #200, #400, #800, #1500, #3000
  • Flexible resin
  • Hook and look back

$84.00 regular
Dia-Plus Premium Diamond Polishing Pads


8. Diamond Bazed Cup Wheel

he diamonds are brazed directly to the disc to ensure excellent grinding and cutting power by the direct contact of diamond particles onto the working materials. Very cost effective! Comes with 5/8"-11 thread attachment.


  • 5 inch diameter
  • Brazed diamond segments
  • 5/8 inch 11 thread attachment

$88.00 regular


9. Dia-Plus Turbo Diamond Blade

Dia-Plus Black Turbo Blade is ideal for cutting and shaping hard stone. The close separation allows for fast, chip-free cutting! Using the Black Turbo Blade with a flush cut adapter allows you to get into tight spaces.


  • High diamond concentration & quality for extended life
  • Use on grinders or wet stone saws
  • Dry or wet use
  • Cooling holes extend life by cooling blade core
  • Made in Korea

$21.00 regular


10. Amigo Full Bullnose Profiling Bit

Best Value for your money! These profiler bits fit all standard router machines. Comes with high quality bearing. Please contact us if you are looking for a grit/size/attachment that is not listed on this website.


  • 1-1/4 inch or 3 cm
  • Coarse grit
  • An adapter may be neede for certain routers

$208.00 regular


11. Amigo Ogee Profiling Bit

Best Value for your money! These profiler bits fit all standard router machines. Comes with high quality bearing. Please contact us if you are looking for a grit/size/attachment that is not listed on this website.


  • 3/4 inch or 2 cm
  • Coarse grit
  • An adapter may be neede for certain routers

$120.00 regular


12. Hook-and-Loop Backing Pad

4 inch in diameter and flexible
5/8 inch 11 thread spindle

$12.00 regular


13. Apron
Heavy-Duty design
PVC made

$29.00 regular


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