Eagle Edger Jr is an attachment for Blue Ripper Jr, that cuts and polishes miter edges

Now you can increase the capabilities of your Blue Ripper Jr™. The Eagle Edger Attachment easily installs onto the back of your Blue Ripper Jr™ and allows you to cut miters up to 46 degrees in either direction, polish straight edges, and do edge shaping with router bits.

Compatible with Makita GA7021, GA7040S, 9564CV, 9565CV, or 9566CV motors.

Omega Diamond makes the perfect granite rail saws to use for stone fabrication. Omega Diamond has now made a convenient way to make miter cuts with the Blue Ripper JR. The Eagle Edger is an attachment for the Blue Ripper Jr. Now the stone saw can make all the cuts.

Bevel, shape, flat grind & polish linear edges with the Eagle Edger Jr™ attachment for the Blue Ripper Jr™ Rail Saw

Many of our customers have asked "Can the Blue Ripper Jr cut 45's?" Now it can: With the Eagle Edger Jr™ attachment. This innovative tool gives any owner of a Blue Ripper Jr™ the opportunity to have a mini linear edge machine. Indicator marks are scribed at both 45 angles, and at 0 degrees. (0 degrees meaning the spindle is perpendicular to the surface of the stone.)

Capable of any angle between 46 degrees forward, and 46 degrees back, you can cut a perfect beveled edge, or even a bevel-miter lamination edge!

With the included 90 degree extension and snail-lock adapter, you can grind and polish a virtually flawless edge at 90 degrees for an amazing flat profile. The extension is also capable of going up to 91 degrees for those who like to polish their seams. But why limit your flat polishing to 90? You can mount the snail-lock adapter on the spindle to polish a 45, or even try a 30 degree bevel!

You can also mount standard 7/8 inch bore router bits to the spindle to grind perfect straight profiles without the need for a bearing. You can also tilt the router bit to get edge profiles that no router can even approximate!

Included Items

Every Eagle Edger comes with what you need to cut miters, polish straight edges, and to do edge shaping with router bits.


Eagle Edger Jr. Included Items:

  • Makita Grinder Drive Motor
  • Eagle Edger Arm
  • Eagle Edger Nose & Spindle
  • Eagle Edger 90° Extension
  • Flush-Cut Blade Adapter
  • Flush-Cut Blade
  • Snail-Lock Adapter
  • Water Shield
  • Replacement Water Manifold for Blue Ripper Jr

Technical Specifications

  • Cuts 45° angles on top or bottom Up to ±46° standard, and 90 to 91° with included extension
  • Standard 7/8 inch mount fits most router bits
  • Mounts onto the Blue Ripper Jr™ Rail Saw
  • Designed to use a Makita 9564CV or 9565CV right-angle grinder
  • Light and easy to use