Weha Large Single Sided A frame Cart 94" x 71" Tall

The Weha Large Singe Sided A-Frame is excellent for transporting finished granite and stone counter tops and islands in box vans.

The back side of the Weha Large Single Sided A Frame Cart can be placed flat against the walls, leaving plenty of room to load the vans as well as access tools throughout the truck.

The Weha Single Sided Transport Cart is also excellent in the shop near bridge saws or cnc machines. It can be placed right against the wall and be used for storing scheduled jobs.

The Weha Single Sided A Frame Transport Cart comes with:

  • Forklift Receivers
  • 5 Upright poles with straps for locking in and securing the stone during transport or for shop safetely storage.


  • Width of Contact: 16"
  • Load Capacity: 2205 lbs.
  • Length: 94"
  • Total Width: 25"
  • Overall Height: 71"
  • Load Height: 65"
  • Width of Contact Surface: 16"
  • Weight: 242 lbs
Why Galvanization is Better Than Painted A Frames:
Hot-Dip Galvanizing vs. Paint

Life Cycle Cost Initial Cost Only Initial + Maintenance Costs
Barrier & Cathodic Corrosion Protection Yes No
Bond Strength to Steel ~3600 psi ~400 psi
Abrasion Resistant Yes No
Edge & Corner Protection Yes No
Int. & Ext. Coating Coverage on Hollow Structures Yes No
Service Life/Durability (a)
Rural >100 Years (b) 27 Years (c)
Urban 90 Years (b) 17 Years (c)
Industrial 70 Years (b) 12 Years (c)
Marine 50 Years (b) 12 Years (c)
(a) To 5% rust on substrate steel
(b) Zinc Coating Life Predictor; Zhang, 2001
(c) NACE Paper 06318, Helsel, Melampy, Wissmar, 2006
  1. Most Economical: Galvanized steel is often the least expensive initial choice. As other labour intensive coatings have risen in rates, galvanizing has maintained a consistent price-point. Moreover, it lasts longer and requires less maintenance, making it the most cost effective, long-term option.
  2. Maintenance-free: Galvanizing provides maintenance-free corrosion protection, unlike other protective coatings. This mitigates long-term costs, hassles and disruptions to production.
  3. Longest Lifespan: Galvanized coatings on typical structural members have a life expectancy in excess of 100 years.
  4. Most Durable A galvanized coating has a unique metallurgical structure, providing outstanding resistance to damage during transport, erection and service.
  5. Most Reliable Performance: Galvanizing is carried out to ASTM A123 and standard, minimum coating thicknesses are applied. Coating life and performance are reliable and predictable as it's performance is based on the known corrosion rate of zinc. Galvanized steel provides a thick, complete and easily inspected coating.
  6. Most Protection: Galvanizing protects every part of a structure, including recesses, sharp corners and inaccessible areas. Galvanized coatings also provide cathodic or sacrificial protection to small areas of steel that are exposed due to damage. Unlike other coating options, small damaged areas are automatically protected and don't require touch-ups due to zinc's sacrificial nature.
  7. Environmental Sustainability: Zinc, like steel, is a natural substance that is recyclable.

Rubber Replacement & Uprights

To completely replace the rubber for the entire cart and replacement poles, it requires 81' of Black Weha Replacement Rubber or White Weha Replacement Rubber.

Replacement uprights for this A Frame rack are also available and can be ordered right here on Weha: Part #128269


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