Dirt and Rock augers for skid-steers and mini-excavators

Take on the toughest drilling applications with a Star Industries Heavy Duty Auger. Just like our rugged planetary drive units, these augers are constructed from heavy duty, high-grade materials giving them the strength to handle any drilling job (even solid rock).

Single Flight Heavy Duty Auger

Model 160A-HDSF Our single flight augers are ideal for most soil types: black dirt or sandy soil, highly compacted soils, heavy clay, asphalt, frozen ground, and fractured rock. This auger features a rugged cast boring head for longer life and durability and uses “Drive-In” style teeth. The new “Single Flight” design digs faster, carries more dirt out of the hole, and leaves the hole cleaner & straighter. A new-patented coupler adds even greater strength to the drill stem. Available in 6″ – 36″ diameters.